Convent of Jesus & Mary

“The activities encourage individuals to work with others and for others.”

6th October Jesus and Mary Congregation established in Lyons, France
30th March Death of Claudine Thevenet, Foundress of Congregation of Jesus and Mary

4 French Sisters and an English Novice leave for India:
by carriage to Marseilles, ship to Cairo, overland to Aden

3rd June Sisters arrive in Bombay by ship
27th July Sisters sail to Calcutta - Allahabad
11th November Sisters arrive in Agra by bullock-cart
13th November Msgr Borghi, Archbishop of Hindustan and Tibet officially receives the Sisters in "Akbar’s Church", Agra
1st December First English-medium School, Orphanage and Boarding Establishment: St Patrick’s opened in Civil Lines, Agra
2nd January St Joseph’s Urdu-medium School and Boarding Establishment opened for locals in the same complex
1843 British troops move to Ambala Cantonment from the "malarious" Frontier Station in Karnal

Holy Redeemer Church - first Catholic Church built by Fr Venance O.F.M. Cap. of Delhi


Ambala European Catholic population numbers 340 and Indian Catholics, 20. A two-room Soldiers’ Club built north of the Church, later collapses, and is rebuilt as Dispensary and Reading-Room.


Lord Ripon, the only Catholic Viceroy of India visits Holy  Redeemer Church en route from Calcutta to Simla, accompanied by his Chaplain, Fr Henry Kerr S.J.

1890 Priest’s residence burns down, is rebuilt - existing today

Mother St Lucie, Provincial Superior, Congregation of Jesus and Mary, India expresses the need of procuring a House in Ambala to serve as Rest-House and Winter Residence for old, ailing Sisters of Simla The Pioneers were M St Gabriel Hayes, M St Agatha Dundon and M Immaculata Dwyer

  School closes in 1901
1902 Construction of new Church building begins - existing today

The 121, Staff Road, Ambala Cantonment. Property consisting of a cottage with outhouses, stables and a fine garden is purchased. through Fr Julius, Vicar-General who has the power-of-attorney from M St Lucie, the Provincial Superior of India

20th November First batch of 3 nuns: M St Colette Cournane, M St Clothilde Daly and M St Margaret Christie arrive
2nd December

Convent of Jesus Mary School is opened at the request of Fr Julius, Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Agra, then under Most Rev Gentili, to whose Archdiocese, Ambala then belonged. The first pupil is Albert Mortimer, son of Mr Connaught Ranger, a Catholic.The school strength is from 6 to 27 children from the families of Army personnel

31st January, 1910 The Convent Chapel is blessed and the holy Sacrifice of the Mass offered by Fr Julius. Some soldiers join the Community
February, 1910 The School strength is 40 pupils
1914 - 1921
1914 The School is under the aegis of an excellent educationist, M St Colette Cournane

M St Celestine Tarleton replaces M St Colette


World War I


The military authorities request that our School be transferred to "Clonmel Cottage" in Kasauli for the summer months because the political situation required that the children be evacuated to the Simla hills.

1921 School closes for a short period for lack of pupils
1929 School closes

School reopens as a permanent Day School

1930 - 1933
1930 School closes

Mother St Borgia, Superior General of the Congregation, Rome, visits the School and decides to close it and dispose of the property

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