Convent of Jesus & Mary

“The activities encourage individuals to work with others and for others.”

1934 The General Council of the Congregation, Rome orders the School to be closed for lack of pupils and finances.

M St Dominic Cahill (Irish), Provincial Superior, India, braves the summers and comes to Ambala to run the School with M St Mechtilde Finnegan (who spends 30 years in Ambala) and M Assumption Ortiger

December Pupils on roll number 16. M St Xavier McGuire who was transferred to Ambala on 6th March, 1933, a young Irish nun makes several trips in a tonga to bring children to School and to drop them home. Her task is lightened when the Convent of Jesus and Mary, Delhi donates a mini bus; but she now brings children to and from the Air force, Military and Railway areas as well as from Ambala City
July The number of pupils increase to 77. The School, now from K.G. to Class VII is run by 3 nuns and a K.G. teachers

The number of pupils rises to 140

1950 - 1967

The Congregation in India is divided into the Delhi and Bombay Provinces with the Provincialates (headquarters) in Simla and Poona respectively. M Dominic Cahill, to date Provincial of India, continues as Superior of the Delhi Province

1952-1967 An airy double-storied block of class-rooms and a Staff Residence, "Shanti Niwas" (later demolished) are built

The Convent finances the education of the local Sacristan’s children in our St Joseph’s Hindi medium School, Sardhana


The Delhi and Bombay Provinces were re-organized to form the Provinces of Pakistan and India with India having its provincialate at Poona. M Martha of Jesus is the Provincial Superior of India


M Good Counsel Mascarenhas, (Indian) is in charge. Number of pupilsrises to 416


M St Mechtilde is Superior and Headmistress. The old bungalow, collapses in the heavy rains. Classes are held in the new block and in 4 military tents. Work on the Sisters’ new residence begins

1956 The Staff consists of 5 nuns and 20 lay-teachers. Boys after the age of 11 are to leave school while the girls study up to the Matriculation
1956 The Parish is handed over to the Congregation of the Redemptorists
1957 M Felix is appointed Provincial of Delhi Province
1958 The School under M St Mechtilde, an efficient administrator, starts the Matriculation classes

M St Dominic, former Provincial Superior, India passes away. M. Assumption, popularly known as "grand old lady" is Headmistress, works continually and untiringly - she helps find work for the unemployed "whites"

18th December, 1958

Sisters and pupils donate generously in cash and kind to St Joseph’s, Sardhana, towards their centenary celebrations


Pupils in School, now number 550. The first batch of Matriculation results are declared - cent % passes


Once again the Indian Province is re-organized to form the provinces of Delhi and Bombay. Sr Felix Pritchard is our Provincial Superior


Sr Imelda Carver described as "a lovely person" with Sr Alphonsus Mary Robinson as Headmistress look after the English of the Indian School Certificate classes..The Redemptorist priests open Holy Redeemer Charitable School for the underprivileged and invite the Missionary Sisters of Charity (M Teresa’s sisters) to Ambala to serve the poor

July, 1962

The Chinese aggression of India and many pupils are withdrawn from the School

July, 1962 M. Mecthilde Finnegan hands over her charge to M. Gertrude Beech.
30th July, 1964

Foundress’ Day and Silver Jubilee celebrations of Sr Regis. The Bishop of Shimla-Chandigarh takes part in the celebrations


The first batch of I.S.C. Students and the last of the Matriculation appear for their respective examinations

September, 1965

Break out of first Indo-Pak War. Two parishioners, Trevor and Denzel are killed in action and receive the Air Force’s highest bravery award. Mrs Keeler is appointed Music teacher in our School!

17th September, 1965

Ambala experiences several air-raids: It is attacked by Pakistan.A bomb lands on the Sirhind Club. Capitol Cinema is damaged. The Church door is blown open. Shrapnel lands on our grounds. Model Town too is hit. An officer is killedand two nurses, injured.- (all in the vicinity of the Air force base)St. Paul’s Cathedral is bombed - the first church in Ambala, a symbol of India’s suffering!

22nd September,1965

A cease-fire is declared and the War ends. Prime Minister, Lal Bahadur Shashtri raises the slogan: "Jai Jawan, Jai Kissan"!


The Redemptorists inaugurate the Perpetual Help Society for the poor. Our Sisters - 2 of them visit the village in Lalru to teach the women and children (whom the priests could not approach due to the existing ‘purdah’ system), prayers and hymns. We also helped in Nanhera village, Sondha, Khera, Jatan and Bitha.This village work was givenup when the Missionaries of Charity took over the work.

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