Convent of Jesus & Mary

“The activities encourage individuals to work with others and for others.”

1966 M. Gregory is the Superior till 1971

Fr Bernard Pereira C.S.S.R. invites us to help run the "Pavitra GrahikPatshala", their Hindi-medium Holy Redeemer Charitable School. Sr Michael Carvalho R.J.M. is appointed Headmistress


The Matriculation Classes are re-introduced and run alongside the I.S.C. to keep pace with the schools around - almost all are affiliated to the local Matriculation Board


The Indo-German Social Service Society (IGSSS) grants Rs 1000/- to the School towards essential equipment and tools for the Craft and Carpentry Training Centre

1969 - 1973

The Pupils on roll number 683 Sr Assumption Ortiger joins the School Staff.


The Province of India, once again unites with M Sacred Heart McGettrick as Provincial Superior and the Provincialate at Poona


The second Indo-Pak War. Sr Regis Young, Sr Andrew Crasto and Sr Monica D’Mello experience its repercussions. East Pakistan becomes anindependent Bangladesh

1972 The School becomes Co-educational as the boys due to leave after Class VI are unable to do so, with their fathers at the border and mothers unable to take a decision without the consent of their husbands

The School with all other JM Schools in India, conducts a self- evaluation programme. To awaken national consciousness it puts up an exhibition on "Industries" in keeping with the II Five-Year Plan: "Industrialize or Perish"


The Seva Mandir Kasturba Society through Msgr. Gomes, Vicar General, Shimla-Chandigarh Diocese request the nuns to undertake the management, administration and running of the "Indira Convent School" at Rajpura. Sr Regis Young R.J.M., the then Superior accepts the invitation. Sr Andrew Crasto And Sr Enid Pereira commute daily by van to Indira Convent,Rajpura. The Seva Mandir Trust arranges to hand over for free, 10 acres of their land to the Diocese. No further information is available on this Project, except a Parish Report commends the work done by the Sisters in the Indira Convent School, the number of pupils then being 800


M. Regis Young leaves us and Sr Loyola D’Silva R.J.M. takes charge of the School. In accordance with the principle of co-responsibility, Sr Louise Viegas RJM and Sr Gerard Paul RJM are headmistresses of the Senior and Junior School respectively. The I.C.S.E. Examination, at the end of Class X is introduced

1968 - 1997
1968-1997 Sr Regis Young RJM is Superior. Col Sujjan Singh is instrumental, in inviting the Finance Minister, Government of Punjab to visit the School. He offers financial help for the building
1974 The last batch of the Matriculation Students appears for the Examinations. The I.S.C. Examination is being replaced by the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Examination

Sr Loyola D’Silva is transferred and Sr Veronica D’Souza replaces her as Superior. The School is established as a Co-educational School because of the non-availability of a good Boys’ School. Sr Francesca Baptista R.J.M is Principal. She introduces the "Student Council" with the election of its Office-bearers; and also the celebration of "Children’s Day".


"Shishu Bhawan", 83, Mansfield Road, Home of the Missionaries of Charity, is opened by Mother Teresa herself. Its initial inmates number 37 children. The citizens of Ambala honour M Teresa on her winning the Nobel Peace Prize

1975 The first batch of I.C.S.E. students as well as the last of the I.S.C., appear

Sr Mary of Jesus Pinto is the new Provincial Superior

1976 The Student Council is initiated by Sr Francesca with 22 office-bearers

Sr Francesca initiates the P.TA. Executive committee - for 2 years They discuss the consequences of switching over form I.C.S.C. to C.B.S.C.


The School is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education. The first batch of Class X students appear for the C.B.S.C. Examination and obtain good results

September, 1977

The property, so far under the Cantonment Board, is henceforth under the local Municipal Board


Sr Scholastica Maximilian R.J.M. takes charge of the Holy Redeemer Charitable School of the Parish

July,1978 Sr Veronica D’Souza leaves Ambala and is succeeded by M. Teresa Hanahoe
1978 - 1979

A total of 19 students appear for the C.B.S.C. Examination (Class X). All pass with first divisions. The Board reports: C.J.M. Ambala as "the best in All-India"

1979 Students on Roll - number 951
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